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Dear Israel Music Therapy Patron,

When this war ends, Israelis will need to rebuild their country and lives while coping with painful losses. Israel’s healthcare system needs all the help it can get. Research shows that playing a musical instrument is an excellent form of music therapy for treating PTSD and other traumas. Israel music therapy is a way you too can help:

israel music
  1. Help Israelis heal by providing as many free guitar lessons to as many Israelis as possible.
  2. Employ Israeli guitar teachers countrywide and help rebuild the Israeli economy.
  3. Alleviate some of the stress on Israel’s healthcare and volunteer systems.
israel music

Playing a musical instrument can help with PTSD and anxiety. In fact, music therapy is known to improve mental health in many ways including increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Both are linked to improving mood and relieving depression. Playing an instrument also offers benefits such as increased social integration and generally feeling happier after playing guitar and/or performing for others.

israel music
  • Qualifying students will be provided with 8 free one-hour weekly or biweekly private in-studio guitar lessons for any Israeli interested in learning guitar for mental health reasons.
  • Each student will receive a free acoustic guitar and supplies (case, strings, picks, capo, binder.)
  • Students not completing their 8 lessons within 6 months will be required to return their free guitar.
  • Students may only be accepted by referal from a healthcare professional or organization in case demand for lessons is overwhelming and needs prioritizing.
  • When demand exceeds Steve’s ability to provide enough private lessons, local Israeli guitar teachers currently teaching (privately or in schools), as well as guitarists not yet teaching, will be employed.
  • Students who are unable to afford lessons will be given priority.
  • Lessons will be tailored to each students’ musical interests and guitar-playing goals.

Shalom! I’m a Montreal-born Canadian-Israeli whose been providing premium guitar lessons in Calgary for over 10 years since returning from Tel Aviv. I’ve taught hundreds of students including many with special needs such as schizophrenia, Downe syndrome, austism, alcoholism, ADHD, and more. The results are beautiful.

As Calgary’s leading private guitar teacher (website), I also created this website It is a unique free website helping guitar players worldwide teach themselves.

I also wrote, produced and recorded two albums in Tel Aviv with leading Israeli musicians. I will be returning to Israel to begin providing lessons personally as soon as enough funds are raised.

Will Israel music therapy really help Israelis?
How much will it cost per student? Guitar and 8 private one-hour lessons US$650
May I sponsor a student with a US$650 donation? Yes
Will in-home lessons be available? Yes, for special needs students.
Are 8 lessons enough to learn guitar? Yes. Students will learn ways to teach themselves.


*Details of this Israel music project subject to change.

Check out this 11-second video

On October 7, 2023, the Supernova Israel Music Festival celebrating music and unity “became the deadliest concert attack in history” according to RollingStone magazine. In the spirit and memory of all the Israel music festival victims, thank you to all Jewish and non-Jewish music lovers for helping Israelis heal through Israel music therapy!