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With so many sites out there, it’s no wonder about 90% of new guitarists give up within the first year. Your success depends on your ability to find the best guitar lessons suited to your particular level, interests and goals. Packed with valuable content, this website ensures your guitar learning is a wonderful pleasure and your progress dramatically faster.

GUITARGETLESSONS is a guitar lessons curator directing you to the best videos and sites to save you time & money. Now you can avoid the frustration commonly associated with online guitar-learning, plus avoid the many misleading and even detrimental sites. Bad guitar habits can be harder to reverse than learning something properly the first time.

Our team of experienced guitar teachers are highly skilled at determining which tutorials are reliable and which should be avoided. We’re constantly scouring the web and discovering otherwise hard-to-find gems.

Guitar lesson tutorials with the most views or appear in top search results do not guarantee the best user experience!

Many videos have simply been around longer. New content is being added all the time. Even the more popular online guitar instructors are regularly uploading new and improved lessons. Unfortunately their upgraded content may rank lower in search results because their older lessons with many more views out-rank them.

Beginner & Intermediate guitarists are at an added disadvantage when searching for the best instruction. It’s a jungle out there and how can you know if a guitar teacher is teaching a tutorial properly? We do. There are many impressive teachers online. But of course no one teacher teaches everything best. Check out our Beginner’s Roadmap

Advanced guitar players will also save valuable time by zeroing in on the best no-nonsense sites. We’ve already done the searching (and complaining) for you.

Constantly searching for even better content, when curated by our experts, existing content is replaced and upgraded. We also produce original content about guitar learning when solutions to our users’ needs cannot be found.

Guitar teachers can also benefit by referring their students to any of the top quality lessons endorsed on this website.

GUITARGETLESSONS is 100% independent, non-affiliated, ad-free and committed to providing guitar players with optimum value, ease-of-use and results!

Found a better online lesson? Please let us know. We’re all ears.