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Find RELIABLE answers to your guitar questions IMMEDIATELY with the most comprehensive Guitar FAQ page ever created for guitarists! Over 100 important guitar-player answers guaranteed to boost your music theory knowledge and confidence as a musician! *Rotate your phone horizontally for best view.

Guitar FAQs
How do I begin to learn to play guitar?BEGINNER
Which guitar is best for beginners?BEGINNER
Is it better to learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?BEGINNER
Will my fingertips hurt for long?BEGINNER
I'm left-handed. Should I learn on a left or right-handed guitar?BEGINNER
Should I buy or rent my first guitar?BEGINNER
Are my fingers too large or small?
Is there a guitar roadmap outlining what I should expect?BEGINNER
How long does it take to learn guitar?BEGINNER
How many lessons does it take to learn guitar?BEGINNER
Is it better to learn guitar online or in person?BEGINNER
Is it possible to learn guitar in 3 months?BEGINNER
How many in-person lessons will I need?BEGINNER
How do I know if I am an intermediate guitar player?BEGINNER
How do you play guitar and sing at the same time?BEGINNER
How can I change guitar chords faster?BEGINNER
Are in-person guitar lessons better than online lessons?BEGINNER
What is a Time Signature?BEGINNER
What is a good practice routine?BEGINNER
What's the difference between lead and rhythm guitar?BEGINNER
How long does it take to get good at guitar?BEGINNER
Which songs should I learn on guitar?BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE
Why should I record myself playing guitar?BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE
How can I improve my rhythm guitar timing?BEGINNER-INTERMEDIATE
How do I know if I'm tone deaf?EAR TRAINING
What's the difference between acoustic & electric guitars GEAR
How do I buy an acoustic guitar?
How do I buy an electric guitar?GEAR
What is a capo?GEAR
What is a 12 string guitar?GEAR
How are acoustic guitars made?GEAR
How much should I spend on a new beginner guitar? Short Answer: At least $150GEAR
What's the difference between 80/20 & Phosphor Bronze strings?GEAR
What's a truss rod?GEAR
Are electric and acoustic guitars played the same way? Short Answer: Basically YesGEAR
What are guitar tabs?GUITAR TABS
How do you read tabs?GUITAR TABS
Can I play guitar with long fingernails?HEALTH & HABITS
What are common mistakes guitarists make?
How long should my fingernails be for playing guitar?HEALTH & HABITS
How can I build my confidence to play with other musicians?
How do I build a guitar solo?
How do I improvise?
How do you press your fingers on the frets properly?LESSON
How should my thumb be positioned behind the neck?LESSON
How do you learn songs by ear on guitar?LESSON
How do I tune a guitar by ear without a tuner?LESSON
How do I tune my guitar using harmonics?LESSON
What is Travis picking?LESSON
What's the difference between a 6-string and 12-string guitar?LESSON
What is a bass guitar?LESSON
How do I tune my guitar with an app?LESSON
How do I strum the guitar?LESSON
What are open guitar chords?LESSON
What's the difference between major & minor pentatonic scales?LESSON
How many ways can you play a guitar chord?LESSON
How do I record myself at home?LESSON
What are barre chords?LESSON
Which chords should I learn first?LESSON
Why should I learn guitar scales? Reason #1LESSON
Why should I learn guitar scales? Reason #2LESSON
What are 12 bar blues?LESSON
How do I tune my guitar with an electronic tuner?LESSON
Am I too old to learn guitar? Short Answer: No one is ever too old to learn.LESSON
What are Moveable Guitar Chords?LESSON
How can I improve my muscle memory when playing guitar?MISC
What are Bass & Treble?MISC
How much should I practice guitar?
Should I record myself playing guitar?PRACTICE
Should I play along with recorded songs? Short Answer: Yes. It'll help your timing.PRACTICE
I'm bored. How can I become more motivated to practice and play guitar?PRACTICE
Can you play rock guitar riffs with an acoustic guitar?PRACTICE
What is muscle memory and how does it work?PRACTICE
How do I adjust the speed of a Youtube video?PRACTICE
How do I slow down a YouTube video?SELF-TEACHING
How do I teach myself guitar?SELF-TEACHING
Should I learn on a steel or nylon string guitar?STRINGS
When should I change my guitar strings?STRINGS
What's the difference between steel and nylon strings?STRINGS
How do I change steel strings on an acoustic guitar?STRINGS
How do I change nylon strings on an acoustic or classical guitar?STRINGS
How do I change steel strings on an electric guitar?STRINGS
What’s the difference between a nylon-string guitar and a steel-string guitar?STRINGS
What’s the difference between an acoustic & classical guitar?STRINGS
What's the difference between licks and riffs?THEORY
What are dynamics?THEORY
What's the difference between notes & chords on guitar?THEORY
What is a melody on guitar?THEORY
What is a guitar riff?THEORY
Do I need to know how to read music to play guitar? Short Answer: NoTHEORY
What are music intervals?THEORY
What are a Verse, Chorus and Bridge?THEORY
What are whole and half steps?THEORY
What are music scales?THEORY
What are notes?THEORY
What are sharps & flats?THEORY
What are power chords?THEORY
What is the Chromatic scale?THEORY
What are those white dots on my guitar neck/fretboard for?THEORY
What are a 'hammer on' and 'pull off'?THEORY
What is a bar in music?THEORY
What is a measure?THEORY
What is the difference between a bar and a measure?THEORY
Is it spelled barre or bar chord? Short Answer: Both are correct.THEORY
What is a Key on Guitar?THEORY
How often should I tune my guitar?TUNING

Guitar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about guitars and guitar-playing are endless. This comprehensive page was designed for guitarists at every level from Beginner to Intermediate to even Advanced players. These Frequently Asked Questions are also arranged according to player levels, gear, lessons, and theory etc., thereby making your search for answers that much easier. This page provides what you need to know before buying a guitar, whether or not to take lessons, and which kind, and lots more about what every guitar player should know.

Perhaps the greatest impediment for new and even intermediate guitar players is not knowing which questions to even ask. Naturally. For instance, why would a new musician even think to ask what a time signature is. Or what are considered common strumming patterns? This is a more serious problem for those trying to learn guitar exclusively online without interacting with a live person. A porfessional live instructor will know instinctively what to teach a student the moment a subject comes up.

For example, a student may be strumming a particular song thinking all straight up and down strumming is the same. How would he or she even think to ask if there are different ways of strumming up and down? Indeed there are two common techniques; those being straight (tick tock) strumming and swing strumming where an emphasis is placed on the first strum/beat. Any player invensting their time in reviewing these basic guitar FAQs will gain a tremnous wealth of knowledge quickly. Also, many of these FAQs pertain not only to guitar players but other musicians as well.