Drum Tracks

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Improve your music timing and ability to jam with other musicians by playing guitar along with these drum tracks carefully curated by our expert guitar teachers. Strumming along with these ‘select’ drum tracks will help dramatically boost your confidence as a guitarist! *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Drum tracks

STYLE (Click to Sort)Nashville Groove 140BPMTIME SIGNATURE
Blues 12 Bar Shuffle1004/4
Blues Shuffle1204/4
Blues Shuffle1204/4
Blues Shuffle1304/4
Bossa Nova1204/4
Bossa Nova1304/4
Bossa Nova1404/4
Country Rock Train Beat1104/4
Funk (Motown)1154/4
Groove Beat1204/4
Nashville Groove1154/4
Nashville Groove1204/4
Nashville Groove1304/4
Nashville Groove1404/4
Punk 1154/4
Rock (Straight Beat)804/4
Rock (Straight Beat)1004/4
Rock (Straight Beat)1404/4
Rock (Straight Beat)1504/4
Rock (Straight Beat)1604/4
80's Hard Rock1004/4
80's Hard Rock1204/4
80's Hard Rock1604/4

More About Playing Guitar With Drum Tracks

One of the most important skills that new guitar players tend to overlook is their ability to keep time with a drummer or other type of beat. Doing so is fundamental if you’re intent on being able to play along properly with other musicians Unfortunately many guitarists are more focused on practicing the songs they like, riffs, scales, and various techniques etc. This timing skill is also what separates average muscians from good musicians. Keeping good time is also vital if you want to record yourself on multiple tracks.

When developing and improving your timing (a life long endeavor) ultimately you want to play by feel and not try to focus too much on the drummer. Inevitably you will find yourself losing the beat at some point. This is not always a bad thing because often musicians want the feel and sound of getting in front of a beat or behind it.

What’s also beneficial from playing with drum tracks is that you’ll learn about different grooves, timings, time signatures and more. Reviewing the drum trakcs on this page will also introduce you to vatious other genres including Blues, Bossa Nova, Country, Funk, Jazz, Punk and, yes… Rock and Roll. The list of drum tracks also indicates the Beats Per Minute (BPM) and time signature of the drum track.

If you’re thinking of recording your music, you can also consider uploading any of the drum tracks to your audio software. Sure beats having to deal with a real life drummer. Just kidding.