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The carefully curated lessons below will help you advance your guitar-playing to the next level quickly and easily plus protect you from developing poor and hard-to-reverse habits. Raising your guitar-playing to the next level will also boost your confidence significantly! *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Advance your guitar-playing to the next level quickly

How to Teach Yourself Songs on Guitar
How to Find the Key of a Song on Guitar
How to Play Songs by Ear
How To Spot Key Changes
Play Guitar with Feeling/Soul
Travis Picking

Barre Chords
Play Guitar Barre Chords More Easily
How to Remember Guitar Bar Chord Names

Guitar Scales
Chromatic Scale Explained
Major Guitar Scale Simplified
Minor Guitar Scale Simplified
Minor Pentatonic Scale Simplified
Major Pentatonic Scale Simplified
Am Pentatonic Scale Applied to Various Music Genres

Improvise Using Rock/Blues Fill Licks – 2:37
Improvisation & Creativity – How the Brain Works

Double Stops Explained (Lesson 1)
Double Stops Explained (Lesson 2)

Add Melodic Fills Between Chords

Lead Guitar Solos
Lead Guitar Practice Exercise
Stock Phrases for Soloing (Eric Clapton)

Build a Guitar Solo (Basic Intro)
Build a Guitar Solo (Intermediate)

Octave Shapes

9th Chords Explained

Next level guitar-playing can mean different things to different players. Generally speaking however, musicians tend to fit into one of three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. A beginner, for example, may have learned most of the more common open chords and some basic strum patterns. The next level, in this case, could be learning more challenging (and often daunting) bar chords. Or perhaps more complicated strums.

Next Level Guitar-Playing

Most musicians, be it guitarists or other players, tend to reach a particular level of playing and then remain (stagnate) there. More experienced musicians, on the other hand, never stop learning new aspects of music making. This can include learning new songs, techniques, theory, history and more. With a never-ending appetitie for more information on how to be a better musician you’ll not only remain motivated to continue on your musically journey. You’ll also reach higher levels of musicianship.