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Learn to play guitar faster and much easier with these valuable apps, tools, backing tracks, drum tracks, and more! Every guitar player from beginner to advanced should check out these guitar-learning valuables.

Guitar-learning valuables

Helpful Apps
Guitar-Playing Motivators
Health Benefits of Music
Ear Training
Backing Tracks
Drum Tracks
Songwriting Lessons
Solfege (Do Re Mi)
Music Humor
Famous Music Quotes
Music Dictionary

Today’s digital environment has made learning to play guitar much easier. The number of online resources is growing everyday and many are available absolutely free. This list includes helpful apps for learning new songs as well as ways to loop Youtube videos so you can practice snippets of songs. Other guitar-learning valuables include backing tracks and drum tracks to practice and better develop your rhythm and timing. Practicing along with backing tracks and drum tracks will certainly boost your ability to jam with other musicians.

Music’s Health Benefits

The health benefits associated with playing a musical instrument are becoming increasingly evident by the day. Whether it’s channeling one’s emotional experiences through song or better developing ways to manage attention deficit disorders, music can play a significant part.

On a lighter side, this page also includes links to Music Humor and Famous Music Quotes by well known musicians. For example, “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” Miles Davis. Or how about “If you’re any good at all, you know you can be better.” Lindsay Buckingham

And if you’ve ever wondered what Do Re Mi is all about, our page explaining Solfege is all you need. That and love.

Songwriters can also benefit with curated videos to help you either begin to write songs or further develop your craft. A music dictionary is also available to help you communicate more effectively and professionally with like-minded guitarists in particula and mucicians in general. A study of this music dictionary will also contribute to your overall confidence as a guitar player.