Backing Tracks

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Improve your guitar timing and ability to jam with other musicians by practicing along with these top backing tracks carefully curated by our expert guitar teachers. Whether it’s rock, blues, country, jazz or other genres… jamming with these ‘select’ backing tracks is not only fun, it will also help boost your strumming and overall confidence dramatically! *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Backing tracks for guitar players
BalladC Am Em G85
Blues12 BarAm Dm Em90
Blues (Smooth)12 BarAm7 Dm7 F7 E790
Blues (Heavy)12 BarAm7 Dm7 F E790
Blues12 BarG100
Country Blues12 BarE188
Chicago Blues Shuffle12 BarA D E115
Country Blues Shuffle12 BarG120
Country Rock AcousticG80
Country Rock12 BarA95
GrungePearl Jam StyleE G D A75
Hard RockA130
Hard RockAm170
Hard Rock/MetalAm F C G160
Hip HopC80
Hip HopFunk GrooveEm94
JazzMedium SwingG E7 Am7 D7120
MetalAm G F E170
PopC Am F G80
ReggaeAm F Dm E82
RockAllman Bros styleG C95
Rock & Roll12 BarA160
Rock & Roll60'sA170

More On Playing Guitar With Backing Tracks

Playing guitar along with backing tracks is one of the many important aspects of music playing and learning that many musicians overlook. Along with the many benefits is the pure fun of it. Sometimes you’ll want to play along with actual songs and other times these tracks are preferable because there’s no singing. If you want to play with other musicians, these are an ideal way to practice and polish your craft.

There is an infinite number of these recordings available on Youtube. But lucky for you, we have already curated what we believe to be among the best including the all-popular 12 Bar Blues. They are also listed according to music genre be it rock, country, jazz, blues, reggae, metal and more. Most will include a count-in and run for ten minutes and more. So pick up your axe, click on any of the selections above and rock on to your heart’s content. A word of advice: start with the slower tempo tracks and gradually increase the tempo.

Backing tracks are often confused with drum backing tracks. The difference being is: drum backing tracks are strictly drums played in a loop. Backing tracks, on the other hand, typically include bass, drums, guitars and possibly piano. Either way, playing along with these backing trakcs /9or playing with regular song recordings) will help you improve your timing dramatically. Playing with them is virtually the same as jamming with real musicicans. So doing so will certainly help you to “keep up,” but also boost your confidence as a musician.