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Strumming a guitar can be much more difficult than it appears. However, many songs require just the basic strum patterns. From beginner to advanced, the carefully selected tutorials below will help you become a much better strummer more easily. AND you’ll also become a more confident guitar player much sooner! *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Guitar Strumming
BeginnerIntroduction to Guitar Strumming
BeginnerPickin' the Right Pick
BeginnerStrumming Without a Pick
BeginnerChange Chords Faster
Beginner7 Most Common Strumming Patterns
BeginnerBetter & Faster Strumming Tips
BeginnerImprove Your Rhythm Guitar Timing
BeginnerPalm Muting Made Easy
BeginnerFast Strumming Mechanism
Beginner-IntermediateSlap/Percussive Hit Strumming
Beginner-IntermediateStraight vs Swing/Shuffle Strumming
Beginner-IntermediateBluegrass Strumming Pattern
IntermediateBass Note Strumming Pattern
IntermediateFast Triplet Strumming
IntermediateFlamenco Guitar Strum Intro
AdvancedSpeed Strumming
AdvancedAdvanced Strumming Technique

More On Guitar Strumming

Not surprisingly, many guitar player observers believe the fretting hand is doing most of the work. In fact, it’s the strumming hand that demands considerably more effort. This is especially true when getting into the more challenging strums like the Who’s Pinball Wizard, Heart’s Crazy On You, many more. Because maintaining good timing is paramount when jamming with one or more musicians, becoming a good strummer should be among every guitar players important goals.

The 15-plus lessons listed above cover many of the different strumming techniques ranging from beginner to intermediate and all the way to advanced. The tutorials selected for this website have been carefully screened to ensure you’re receiving the optimum instruction for whatever strumming technique it is you wish to learn. Remember, it’s much better to strum a song slowly and properly than to play too fast and inconsistently. Learning to strum also demands lots of patience. Lots!

It can appear as though there are tons of different strumming patterns to be learned. But in fact there are around 10 different strums that are commonly used in most of the songs we listen to. Once you learn these 10 patterns you’ll be able to apply them to many songs. And then there are those songs that use unique strumming patterns. Though these will be more difficult to conquer, they help make the songs unique and interesting. whenever you undertake to learn a new strumming pattern, remember to start very slowly and then gradually pick up the tempo.