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Gear for guitar players includes thousands of accessories ranging from guitar strings, tuners, picks and capos to cases, cables and amps. Below are some of the basic guitar gear products and all a beginner really needs. Reviewing any of the video links below will ensure you become a more confident and better all-around guitar player. Click here for more info on Guitar Types. *Rotate your phone horizontally for best view.

air guitar strings

Comprehensive Guide to Guitar Strings

How to Change Steel Strings (Acoustic)
How to Change Nylon Strings (Acoustic/Classical)
How to Change Electric Guitar Strings

Nylon vs Steel String Acoustic Guitars

String Gauges Explained for Acoustic Guitars
String Gauges Explained for Electric Guitars

80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

How Guitar Strings Are Made

Electronic guitar tuners

How to Tune Your Guitar With a Digital Tuner
How to Tune Your Guitar With Guitar Tuna

How to Pick a Guitar Pick (Beginner 0:00-3:02)
Guitar Picks (In-Depth)

Capo Use Explained

Why your guitar may need humidifying
How to care for your guitar with the Oasis humidifier

There’s literally no end to the amount of guitar gear available to guitarists and learning how to use a lot of this equipment can demand plenty of time. This is especially true when it comes to amplifiers and pedals etc. So be careful when adding more guitar gear to your set up as this can easily take up time when you could otherwise be playing guitar.

When we talk about guitar gear it’s usually in terms of electric guitars because, simply put, they tend to include a lot more gear. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, require much less gear, at least in the beginning. Both require similar basic equipment such as strings, picks, capos, and guitar racks.

More About Picks

Also known as plectrums, picks come in all shapes, materials and colors. What usually determines which pick is best for you comes down to feel and comfort. Your best approach is to try different guitar picks until you find the type that you’re most comfortable with.