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Beginner Guitar Player Teaching Self

Beginner guitar player lesson & tutorials available online can vary significantly in terms of quality. So if you’re wondering what to learn on guitar and in what order, rest assured the carefully curated guitar lessons below will help guide you quickly and confidently to the next level. *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Reviewing the first 8 Free Beginner Lessons in the order they appear will provide you with the basics every new guitar player (beginner to advanced) should know. Best of luck & enjoy your new musical journey! *Rotate phone horizontally for best view.

Free Lesson 1: Beginner Roadmap
Wondering how long it takes to learn guitar? This video provides an accurate overview of which steps a beginner guitar player can expect to take.

Free Lesson 2: Beginner Guitar Starter Pack
This fun video explains types of guitars, their parts, how to hold a pick, read tabs, chord diagrams, action, tuning, and more.

Free Lesson 3: How to Tune Your Guitar
This simple tutorial explains how to tune your guitar, why tuning is important, how to memorize your guitar string names, and more.

Free Lesson 4: Learn To Play Your First Song
What better way to learn how to play your first song on guitar than with Keith Urban as your guitar teacher? Learn from a real pro!

Free Lesson 5: Best Guitar-Playing Habits
Poor guitar-playing habits can be difficult to reverse. This video explains how to place your fingers on the fretboard, chord transitions, finger muscle-building.

Free Lesson 6: Proper Fretting Hand Technique
This beginner guitar lesson teaches you how to position your fretting hand properly so that your guitar chords sound good and do not buzz.

More Free Lessons

Free Lesson 7: Chord Diagrams Explained
This short video explains how to read guitar chord diagrams/maps, understand frets and guitar string names, and which fingers to use.

Free Lesson 8: Best Guitar Practice Practices
Learn about different guitar practice methods including whether to learn a few or many songs, new chords, riffs, playing with recordings & other practice routines.

9. Your First 4 Chords
10. Guitar Strumming (Introduction)
11. Power Chords (Introduction)
12. White Dots on the Neck/Fretboard Explained
13. How To Practice Effectively
14. How To Jam On Guitar

15. Chromatic Scale Explained
16. Major Scale Simplified
17. Minor Scale Simplified
18. Minor Pentatonic Scale Simplified
19. Major Pentatonic Scale Simplified

20. Sharps & Flats Explained
21. Music Theory (Introduction)
22. Hammer On’s and Pull Offs Explained
23. Time Signatures for Guitar Players Explained
24. Bars and Measures Explained

*Check Out This List of Easy 3-4 Chord Guitar Songs

Common Beginner Guitarist Questions
How long does it take to get good at guitar?
How much should I practice playing guitar?
What are common mistakes guitar players make?
Will my fingers hurt for long?
What are guitar tabs?
How do I change chords faster?
What are Open chords?
What are a verse, chorus and bridge?
How often should I tune my guitar?
How do you press your fingers on the frets properly?
What are barre chords?
What are music scales?
Why should I learn guitar scales?
What is a capo and how does it work?